First Things First: A Special Ministry Update

10.01.20 | by Troy Howell

Dear Friend in the Messiah,
I pray that you are healthy, encouraged, and able to claim and proclaim God’s goodness and faithfulness in these days of global pandemic and strife across our nation.

This “First Things First” communication via electronic as well as mail constitutes an important update to the congregation of First UMC. Please make time to thoroughly review the content. If time restricts doing that right at this moment or in one “sitting,” please set it aside until you can return to read this information.

Your faith community needs your invested presence in prayer, in participation for ongoing ministry, and in gatherings for spiritual care and growth. Indeed, the community and the world that Jesus came to save requires our participation and presence as the Church of Christ in this time. And, frankly, I pray that our spirits come to realize just how much we need Christ’s Church and our connection in community for our own spiritual, emotional, and mental health and wholeness.

To that end, please receive these important updates in the attached mailing (click the file icon at top right of this page):

  • Faith-Growth gatherings and short-term studies.
  • COVID19 update on Sunday morning worship and reopening.
  • Where we stand financially, and ways to engage in faithful Stewardship in these difficult days.
  • Mission-ministry opportunities within our reach.
  • Reviews on recent ministry activities, and opportunities that lie ahead.

Together, by God’s grace, we will emerge from all of this awakened in new ways, re-committed in ongoing ways, and ever assured of God’s love.

In Christ and Ever By Grace Alone,
Pastor Troy Howell