2nd @ 1st

Small Group Hour

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2nd @ 1st

Small Group Hour

2nd @ 1st is the Small Group/Sunday School hour at First UMC. Our first hour on Sunday morning (whether you attended services at 8, 9, or 11am) is always dedicated to congregational worship. The second hour is a time to meet new people, deepen friendships, share life together intergenerationally, recognize how God is at work in our lives, facilitate fruitful conversation, challenge one another in practical ways, and pray together. This opportunity for discipleship takes place from 10-10:50am in various rooms throughout the church. See the descriptions below of the current groups that are meeting. Though it's preferred that you start with a group from its beginning, you can always jump in late if you're new to our church community (especially during the summer months). 


Fellowship Class
Upper Overflow

The Fellowship classes is studying the Gospel of John. Join us for a classic Bible study of this Gospel. 

Dan Lewis Class

The Dan Lewis Class is finishing a study begun during Advent until January 13.

Out of Control
Room 202

Cory Walborn will lead a group discussion on his book. The concept of being out of control from the depth of sorrow to the heights of joy and all points in between will be contemplated. This starts January 6.

Love is an orientation
Social Hall

Dr. William Curry will lead this six-week session to help elevate the conversations concerning all sexual orientations and the Christian Community. This starts January 6.